Best AI and Machine Learning Courses

Top 20+ Best AI and Machine Learning Courses

We found machine learning jobs to be the most fruitful regarding demand and a steady income – just like the previous years. Our experts have curated this list for your convenience, outlining the best machine learning course you can get your hands on freely this year. Before proceeding, however, we want to draw your attention that many top-notch machine learning online courses require some sort of paid subscription. So, we’ve omitted some awe-inspiring professional courses. However, we are sure that the below mentioned free courses will definitely boost your personal machine learning training.

Best AI & Machine Learning Courses

Below we’ll be outlining a set of the best machine learning online courses to accelerate your ML journey this year. These online courses are more than enough to get you started with this amazing engineering sub-discipline. We encourage you to check each of these machine learning online courses individually before locking on a specific pick.

1. Machine Learning Offered by Stanford

The holy grail of this online course, Machine Learning by Stanford, is considered the best machine learning and Artificial Intelligence course. This course is prepared and maintained by Andrew Ng, a pioneer machine learning scientist who’ve led ML research projects for both Google and Chinese giant Baidu. Although the course requires a paid subscription, you can ask for financial aid if you’re a student.

Features offered by this course

  • Their concise introduction to various machine learning terms is beneficial for beginners.
  • The course aims at equipping you with both a basic and deep understanding of this modern yet vibrant engineering field.
  • Takes a rather hands-on approach than conventional theory-based courses.
  • You have the luxury to follow the course according to your schedule.
  • It’ll take you through introductory concepts like supervised learning, support vector machines, unsupervised learning, dimensionality reduction in building smart robots, and computer vision.
  • Comes with multiple language support, including English, Chinese, Hebrew, Spanish, Hindi, and Japanese.

2. Introduction to Machine Learning with R by DataCamp

This online machine learning course from DataCamp is the best AI course with a primary emphasis on statistics – the de facto requirement for effective data science projects. Our experts liked the most about this course because of its broad yet hands-on approach to various machine learning fundamentals. This machine learning training from DataCamp offers a thorough understanding of the most basic machine learning models – namely classification, regression, and clustering.

Features offered by this course

  • The in-depth introduction of this machine learning online course is as helpful to veterans of the field as newcomers.
  • Provides a fundamental understanding of the tools utilized in data science fields, including Python, R, SQL, Spark, git, and shell.
  • The course aims at providing all the necessary details you’d need to get yourself started with this constantly evolving engineering field.
  • This course’s practical approach makes sure you get a thorough visualization of the techniques you learn in this course.
  • The practice challenges are quite fun yet rewarding.

3. Understanding Machine Learning with Python from Pluralsight

If you’re looking for a short yet concise online course that provides a great summarization of your already existing ML knowledge, this is the best machine learning online course for you. The course will also introduce you to scikit-learn, the de-facto framework for modeling your data, and helps you create high performing predictive models. Although you’d require a paid subscription to access this machine learning training, Pluralsight offers ten days of free trial – more than enough to complete the 2-hour-long course.

Features offered by this course

  • Utilizes Python, an easy to grasp yet extensively used programming language in the industry.
  • Provides a thorough introduction to data preparations and using the Github hosting platform.
  • This course utilizes the Python programming language to show you how to format scattered data sets and obtain fruitful information from them.
  • An easy yet effective introduction to training your models.
  • It gives you a head start on testing your model’s accuracy.

4. Intro to Machine Learning by Udacity

We like the most about this awe-inspiring artificial intelligence online course from Udacity is their attention to details of the smallest things. This is one of the best machine learning online course you can get your hands on this year, thanks to its thoughtfully curated syllabus and well put course materials. The instructors themselves are industry professionals and utilize a practical teaching style to learn the most relevant skills from this online course.

Features offered by this course

  • Teaches students the end-to-end process of investigating large data sets.
  • Great for CS grads who look forward to having a career in data analytics.
  • The course contents are rich in information yet self-paced.
  • Interactive quizzes are designed to test you in an industrial-style work environment.
  • If you’re looking for a machine learning training that guarantees you with a lucrative data science career, this is the best machine learning online course for you.

5. Google Machine Learning Crash Course

One of the best machine learning courses takes a self-learning approach to empower you with modern-day machine learning fundamentals. Google, the internet behemoth of the 21st century, makes sure you do not miss out on any of today’s advanced ML knowledge by incorporating a thoughtfully curated set of video lectures, real-world case studies, and hands-on practice exercises with this online Artificial Intelligence course.

Features offered by this course

  • Course materials are prepared by senior Google researchers – the best in the business.
  • Real-world case studies are helpful when determining how certain problems arise and how to tackle them.
  • You’ll get an interactive visualization of the different algorithms you learn.
  • A simple step by step overview of the best practices makes sure you’re ready for industrial problems after completing this AI online course.
  • This machine learning training introduces readers vividly to the underlying terms associated with various ML models.
  • It provides users with a taste of practical industrial problems by making them solve companion Kaggle exercises.

6. Machine Learning with TensorFlow on Google Cloud Platform

One of the best AI courses with cloud specialization in mind is an online course also offered by Google. This machine learning online course aims at equipping you with every necessary detail you’d require when building your next cloud-based ML model. From writing distributed machine learning models to scale them using TensorFlow on the cloud, you will learn every aspect of cloud ML from this machine learning course.

Features offered by this course

  • The hands-on project approach makes sure you’re learning to implement predictive models as done in the industry.
  • Provides a thorough introduction and a deep understanding of the advanced TensorFlow framework.
  • This is the best online ML course for you if you want a hands-on approach to TensorFlow – the de-facto framework for creating predictive ML models for cloud platforms.
  • It comes with multiple language support, including English, French, Portuguese, Brazilian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.
  • Aims at covering the cloud platform in a brief – and does so quite successfully.

7. How Google does Machine Learning

Another Artificial Intelligence course from Google, this is also a specialization online machine learning training course. This course will be the most suitable for those who have at least a basic understanding of various machine learning models and algorithms and wants to acquire an in-depth knowledge of how industry professionals tackle their day-to-day ML problems. The course is almost 8 hours long but gives you the luxury of completing it at your own pace.

Features offered by this course

  • This is the best course if you are looking out for common pitfalls associated with ML predictive models and want to know how to avoid them in your projects.
  • It offers a practical understanding of how industry leaders tackle their ML problems.
  • Comes with a hands-on machine learning training on GCP and its associated APIs.
  • Provides more than enough information on how to avoid biases in your predictive models.
  • Easy to grasp for even beginners.

8. Columbia University – Machine Learning on edX

If you’re an absolute beginner to the ML world and want a thoughtfully curated machine learning online course, this might be the best Artificial Intelligence course available for you. It provides a well-organized section on probabilistic versus non-probabilistic modeling and supervised versus unsupervised learning. From regression and support vector machines to hidden Markov models and Kalman filters, this machine learning training by Columbia University will get you started with every basic ML fundamental.

Features offered by this course

  • This online machine learning & AI course covers almost every fundamental machine learning topic.
  • Successfully provides the in-depth learning experience students look for in ML courses.
  • This course aims at covering the algorithms and models relevant to real-world ML problems.
  • Explains the mathematical background of various ML algorithms and their significance thoroughly.
  • Covers not only basic topics but also advanced models and algorithms associated with modern ML studies.
  • This ML course breaks down the most advanced topics and explains them individually for providing a better understanding.

9. Launching into Machine Learning

The pinnacle of modern machine learning training, Launching into Machine Learning, covers a wide range of ML topics, from data cleansing to optimization of predictive models. This is one of the best machine learning course that deals exclusively with modern neural network modeling. Our experts really liked the hands-on practical approach to this specialized Artificial Intelligence course. It covers a wide variety of problems while keeping in mind their industrial implementation at the same time.

Features offered by this course

  • A detailed covering of supervised learning and gradient descent.
  • Covers both deep learning and neural network algorithms briefly.
  • This online course tackles some of the most anticipated practical ML problems, including Generalization and Sampling of scattered data sets.
  • Discusses the most common problems associated with modern ML studies and ways to mitigate them.
  • Provides a simple yet detailed understanding of the various historical aspects of machine learning and how they fit into real-world scenarios.

10. Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach

This online Artificial Intelligence course aims to cover different ML fundamentals’ foundations with a hands-on, pragmatic approach. This is one of those courses that omit unnecessary theoretical knowledge in favor of a real-world understanding of different machine learning training models.

Features offered by this course

  • The course provides a deeper understanding of how ML and data analytics can help secure business goals effectively.
  • The practical hands-on implementation of several key ML algorithms is both interesting and fruitful.
  • Very helpful when it comes to providing a solid foundation of various ML techniques to newcomers.
  • The course utilizes the Python programming language brilliantly to help students build accurate predictive models for real-world business problems.
  • The contents are laid out in a very effective manner and ensures a thorough understanding.
  • Utilizes the Python language for solving real-world business-oriented problems.

11. Learn with Google AI

It does not matter if you’re a seasoned ML expert or merely a beginner; this machine learning online course provides an amazingly rich content set that will boost your ML journey even further. One of the best machine learning courses from Google, Learn with Google AI, provides participants with a plethora of advanced information for aggravating their machine learning training.

Features offered by this course

  • Successful at broadening the general outline of machine learning fundamentals for absolute beginners.
  • Covers a wide range of topics – from the basic introduction to using the TensorFlow framework.
  • The exercises are seriously well-curated and force you to think independently – a necessary skill to build up your ML fundamentals.
  • Gets students started with their own personalized neural network designing and testing.
  • This online ML course is very well organized and provides you with the luxury to complete the course at your own pace.
  • You learn machine learning from the very best of the field themselves.

12. MIT – Deep Learning for Self Driving Cars

This online course is one of the best Artificial Intelligence course that deals exclusively with real-world projects. With this course, you’ll have the advantage of learning from world-renowned MIT professors on how they create and train their real-world machine learning predictive models. If you’re not into self-driving cars yet, the course is helpful nevertheless as it equips you with a modern-day knowledge of neural network designing. However, we’re pretty sure once you see how amazing this course is, you’ll be into self-driving cars in no time.

Features offered by this course

  • Deals exclusively with self-driving car projects.
  • The course yields a practical manifesto on building your ML model for self-driving cars and how to test them for achieving the highest accuracy.
  • Helps create a much solid understanding of advanced neural network systems.
  • A good starting point for new researchers who want to tackle autonomous driving problems.

13. Machine Learning for Data Analysis

This machine learning online course is one of the best machine learning course for aspiring data scientists. If you see yourself working on the amazing field of big data to predict accurate business outcomes in the near future, we definitely recommend this awe-inspiring machine learning training available on Coursera. You not only get a head start on your ML journey with this promising course but also get a tangible career benefit upon completing this awesome machine learning training.

Features offered by this course

  • Provides a hands-on practical manifesto for future data scientists.
  • A great syllabus with rich content makes sure you’re up to date with advanced data analysis techniques.
  • This modern-day ML course deals with fundamental data analytics topics, including Decision Trees, Random Forests, Lasso Regression, and K-Means Cluster Analysis.
  • Uses Python to introduce participants with popular algorithms such as random forest and k-mean.
  • Flexible deadlines allow for completing the course according to your own pace.

14. Neural Networks and Deep Learning

This is one of the best Artificial Intelligence course to deal exclusively with the design and implementation of practical neural networks. If you already have prior knowledge of machine learning fundamentals and are looking forward to delving into neural networks, we heavily recommend this course for you. This course is also taken by Stanford professor Andrew Ng and aims at liberating your machine learning training to the next level.

Features offered by this course

  • Provides a deep understanding of various neural network systems and their constraints.
  • Gives a thorough coverage of the mathematical fundamentals required for implementing different neural networks.
  • The course promisingly builds up the foundation of both shallow and deep neural networks.
  • It provides readers with essential insights on when to side with which algorithm depending on their necessity.
  • The contents are very high quality while the exercises are thoughtfully curated at the same time.

15. Convolutional Neural Networks

Another machine learning online course to tackle the subject of neural networks; this is a specialization Artificial Intelligence course in essence. If you are a machine learning enthusiast with a deep interest in the field of automatic image processing or computer vision, this is a must-attend course for you. We like the most about this course because of its use of practical case studies, which gives you a head start on how industries tackle these problems.

Features offered by this course

  • Essential for engineers or researchers working with image processing or computer vision.
  • This course deals with building convolutional neural networks to implement accurate computer vision.
  • Covers a wide range of topics – from object detection to face recognition.
  • The assignments are extremely well-curated and force you to step outside the box.

16. Python for Data Science and Machine Learning Bootcamp

This course is specially designed to teach Python, one of the major programming languages used worldwide by renowned data scientists. If you want to enhance your skills and learn to use Python in data processing techniques, you must go for this course. This course is designed to cover contents like visualization with plotly and statistical plots with seaborn.

This course focuses on

  • This course focuses on Scikit, an excellent tool for data mining & data analysis.
  • It includes clustering algorithms and supports vector machines, random forests, k-means, gradient boosting, and DBSCAN.
  • This course also focuses on Natural Language Processing. It takes any text to process and breaks it into pieces in a process known as tokenization.
  • Using spark to analyze big data. This is a great platform used by many companies and data scientists for storing a massive amount of data.
  • The top-down approach is described in this course to focus on a random forest tree algorithm used in every machine learning branch.

17. Mathematics for Machine Learning

Mathematics is known as the mother of science. And you probably know that if you want to become a professional in machine learning, you must be skillful enough in mathematics. This course plays the role of a medium to correlate between machine learning and mathematics. You will get a solid foundation in the underlying mathematics and will learn how to use it in the context of data science.

This course focuses on

  • The fundamentals of mathematics like linear algebra, vectors, matrices, and you will learn to relate them in the context of Computer Science.
  • It focuses on Multivariate calculus, which you will also be taught in this course to analyze the accuracy of fitting and model acquired data.
  • The concept of principal component analysis to compress your data and transform to reduce the dimension will also be covered.
  • Learn the concepts to eigenvalues and eigenvectors, decompose a matrix, and generate results in a predicted direction.

18. MITx’s Statistics and Data Science

This advanced data science course refers to sophisticated skills like machine learning, probabilistic modeling, and data-driven predictions to extract meaningful information from a complex dataset. Clustering is also a significant part of analyzing unstructured data, which is also covered in this course. Besides these, this course includes guidelines to make you prepared to compete in the critical data-centric world.

This course focuses on

  • Analyzing big data and apply appropriate models to generate meaningful results from a dataset.
  • You will learn to decide, predict the occurrence of any specific event, and find information related to the expected outcome.
  • This is one of the very few courses that discuss cultural, social, economic, and political interest and then assess that knowledge to answer the frequently asked questions.
  • Fundamentals of statistics that are necessary to bring out the underlying hidden potential information from the dataset.

19. Data Science Course A-Z™: Real-Life Data Science

This course is created by Kirill Eremenko, a Data Science management consultant. So you will get the chance to learn data science step by step through real data analytics. Besides, you will learn Tableau Visualization, Data Mining, Modeling, and more. This course blends business and data science through data collecting, data filtration, and data processing. You will get a data science certification after completing the course.

This course focuses on

  • You will learn Tableau. It is beneficial to connect your databases, build a database, and relate complex data.
  • In the end, you will learn to use Multiple or Single Linear Regression to predict the outcome of a response variable.
  • You will create scripts, SQL server, Clean data using SQL, and detect anomalies or outliers from the data set.
  • You will also gather knowledge on Backward Elimination, Forward Selection, and Bidirectional Elimination methods to create statistical regression.

20. Machine Learning Course A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science

The designers of this course have made all the contents easily understandable to others to join this course and become a professional data scientist. This course covers all the materials, including complex algorithms, theory, and coding libraries. You will master skills like data preprocessing, clustering, Thompson sampling, regression, deep learning, and association rules. You will receive a data science degree upon completion of the course.

This course focuses on

  • You will be able to understand dimensionality reduction to compress your data and generate models using machine learning.
  • This course describes Polynomial regression to predict the outcome of a sample variable.
  • You will know concepts like SVR, Decision Tree Regression, and Random Forest Regression are also discussed in this course.
  • You will learn clustering algorithms such as K-Means and Hierarchical Clustering that are useful for identifying similarities and dissimilarities between data.
  • Unlike many other courses, this course covers some significant parts of data mining. Like, the association rule technique in data mining is taught in this course. 

21. Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

If you do not know any programming language, then this course is dedicated to you. It is specially designed to help people regardless of their education major interested in being a data scientist. It is one of the best data science courses for students. It covers all the concepts from basics to principles of statistics and machine learning.

This course focuses on

  • This course focuses on making sure so that each topic is easily understandable to all the students.
  • It covers all the basic concepts of machine learning, statistics, and other related fields of mathematics.
  • It teaches students to extract inside from data and use that new information to predict the future or use data mining to extract more meaningful new data.
  • This course delivers lessons to use computational power in real-life problems to find solutions.
  • It is also intended to help students write simple programs to reach their research goals or gain predicted outcomes.

We are at the end of this long list and gratefully thank you for staying with us. Hopefully, we’ve provided you with the essential insights needed to choose the best machine learning course for you. We’ve not only selected beginner courses but also carefully outlined advanced courses for your future needs. So, browse through these courses, choose the initial one, stick with that until you’ve grasped the contents, and then come back again for future references to more advanced courses.